Natural disaster damage assessment made easy

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The context

Climate change

The rise of natural disasters

Intense climate-related disasters - flood, storms, droughts, freeze and heat waves - have been on the rise worldwide.

Direct economic impacts are consequently increasing and are managed usually by insurances.

A new challenge for crop insurances

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The solution : A.I.perion

A SaaS combining Earth Observation, 

Meteorological Data and Artificial Intelligence

Earth Observation

Meteorological Data

Artificial Intelligence


To assess damages

Through impact map and statistical analysis

AIperion is a SaaS using E.O. and A.I. to assess damages in crop cultures after a natural disaster.


Less than 30 days to assess damages.


Based on reality (satellite images) and not triggered by meteorological parameters.

Less costs

No expert sent on-site, or sent we pre-made map of damages to reduce their work.

Less fraud

A way to assess huge amount of claims and reduce frauds.

ESG Compliance

Supporting insurances efforts to face climate change.

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